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Start your healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellbeing today with The Reality Fitness Plan. 

We believe that understanding a healthy lifestyle is not just about the fitness but it is what we eat, in fact its 80% food and 20% exercise which keeps us fit and healthy. We feel you should never be forced to make a change it comes from within.


Fitness is key and it isn’t something that you should feel you are forced to do, small changes make big changes in the long term, getting fit and eating healthy is ongoing and has nothing to do with the quick fix pills. 

Jo Wootton

Hey, I’m Jo and the Founder and CEO of Jo’s PT 40. I decided to become a personal trainer after spending so much time in the gym and in this time realising how much fitness has helped my anxiety, health and wellbeing. I have been a personal trainer for the past 4 years. I am always striving to maintain my mental health, fitness and wellbeing levels but it is so hard when there is so much that gets thrown at us in life.

  • Build Confidence

  • Have Fun Whilst Exercising

  • Build Long Term Health And Wellness

  • Feel Great About Yourself 

  • Enjoy Exercise 

  • Look at nutrition

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