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I am here to show you that every health and fitness step is a victory no matter how small. You may not feel like it is a victory but I am here to show you it is. That walk to the shops, that walk  around the block its a victory so celebrate it. That healthy meal you just cooked lets celebrate it. 


I am here to help you turn your little victories into big ones and together we can fight together and achieve those goals. No mountain is to big to climb when i am by your side. 

I will help you understanding what a healthy lifestyle means and teach you the key skills to maintaining it for life.

Mon 17th May       Tues 18th May     Wed 19th May

10:30 am                 10:30 am                9:00 am

11:45 am                  11:45 am                 10:15 am

1:00 pm                    1:00 pm                  11:30 am

4:30 pm                                                      3:15 pm

5:45 pm                                                       4:30 pm

7:00 pm

Thur 20th May       Fri 21st May        Sun 23rd May

4:00 pm                     10:30 am              10:30 am

5:15 pm                       11:45 am               11:45 am

6:30 pm                      1:00 pm

                                       5:30 pm

                                       6:45 pm

Jo Wootton

Hey, I’m Jo and the Founder and CEO of Jo’s PT 40. I decided to become a personal trainer after spending so much time in the gym and in this time realising how much fitness has helped my anxiety, health and wellbeing. I have been a personal trainer for the past 4 years. I am always striving to maintain my mental health, fitness and wellbeing levels but it is so hard when there is so much that gets thrown at us in life.


What We Do

Fitness Ladies
  • Build Confidence

  • Have Fun Whilst Exercising

  • Build Long Term Health and Fitness

  • Feel Great About Yourself 

  • Enjoy Exercise 

  • Look at nutrition

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